Friday, August 26, 2016

Another Year, Another Co-op Preschool!

I didn't manage to keep up with posting about last years co-op, but we had a great year!  If you are wondering what co-op preschool is, I wrote a bit about it here.

This year my oldest is in public preschool, so I focused my effort on coordinating at group for my youngest.  Being pregnant and a bit more realistic about the time commitment I wanted to make, I didn't publicize the group as I have in years past.  Lots of people have approached me with interest in participating, so I recruited some help with coordinating the group and we were quickly able to assemble a group of kids.

The newest Ladera Learners!

 I hosted our first class.

We set up our schedule very similar to previous years: 1 class/week 1-1.5 hours long.  Snacks, circle time, several activities, closing circle.

The kids did fantastic!

These little guys are only 1.75-2.25 years old and they did great!

Happy Face Snacks

An Engaged Circle time Group!

We reviewed our circle time board and read "Baby Be Kind"Baby Be Kind and "I Can Do It."From Head to Toe Board Book  Pretty amazing for our first circle time experience for most of these guys!

 We colored placemats with our names on them and laminated them!

For our sensory/science activity, we played with warm and cold homemade playdough.  I loved exploring the texture and temperatures with my little guy.  We even mixed the "red" (okay okay, it's pink I was out of red dye) and blue together for color exploration!

Finally, we completed our first day interviews!

It was a really great class and I am so excited to watch these kids grow and change.  With my oldest off at school, I have an even great appreciation for the opportunity I had to be so involved in his first formal learning environment.