Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Toddler Activity Fail.

I'm not usually particularly spontaneous with my toddler activities.  I normally think through them, and plan and consider the consequences.  Normally.

But then the other day happened.  Actually, this whole summer happened.  It's been so hectic and the kids were melting down and transitions were melting down, and everything was melting down so I reached back in my memory to something I'd seen briefly on pinterest (that awful awful place...) and decided I'd make shaving cream paint!  Before thinking it through, I cheerfully called out "Hey Kids!  Want to go paint with new paint in the shower??"

I made a few colors of 'paint' by just adding a few drops of food coloring to some shaving cream and swirling it around with my finger.  Deep down, I thought this might be a bad idea so I didn't add very much.

The good news is that it was a huge hit as an activity!

Both kids hopped in happily and smeared the colored cream everywhere.  They cooperated and let me wash their hair and bodies with minimal complaint.

The bad news?

My grout is now pink and blue and purple and grey.  And gross looking.

I'm sure I'll eventually be able to get it clean, but in the meantime I'll use this as a reminder of WHY I STRONGLY DISLIKE PINTEREST!  Just enough information to plant an idea in my head that just might come back to haunt me later....

Just say no to shaving cream shower paint.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Yard Part 5: How does your Garden Grow?

With the contractor (mostly) done, it was time to plant our annual summer garden!  This isn't exactly part of the yard project, since we plant it every year, but it was the next thing we did, so here goes.

We were way late getting started because of construction.  We still have the great great great grandpa tomato plant that we planted in 2012.  Somehow he also survived construction, including no water for at least a week.

He looks pretty ragged in this picture, but he trimmed up alright.

I wish I had more pictures of us planting our garden, but I let my toddler helped and we were literally covered in mud from head to toe.  My husband reminded my several times that it was MY idea to include our kids.  But one of my biggest reasons for having a grden was for the kids.  I want them to get to experience the magic of watching things grow and eating food that you grew yourself.  

Our little Garden!

Sevreal months in, our little garden has gotten bigger.

and bigger (okay actually the plants got smaller, but look! Ripe veggies!)

But not without help!  both kids have helped watering the plants and taking care of them.  A few months ins still a long time for little guys to wait to see the 'rewards' of their efforts, but we are starting to get tomatoes and peppers and the yare so excited!

 I remebering tending my garden as a little girl and I am so glad we incorporated it into our yard so we can share those experiences with our kids!