Friday, March 27, 2015

Life's little annoyances : hairdryer havoc.

This might look like a normal bathroom cabinet, but it's been a major headahce for me, without me even relaizing it.  Everyday for the last six months or so, I've stepped on some portion of my hardryer and straightener.

Everyday for the last six months, I've also picked up all or some of the corded devices I keep in this drawer and put them back in the drayer (okay, maybe not everyday, or I wouldn't keep stepping on them in the morning).

Finally, I'd had enough of my toddler rearranging my hair paraphernalia and dragging cords everywhere.  So I decided to tackle the problem.

The hardest part of solving any problem is often identifying it.  It seems simple now, but day after day, we had this struggle while I was getting ready and I hadn't actually sat down to figure out why or what I could do about it.

Once I did, I quickly came up with a list of possible solutions, but decided the easist would be to just remove the offending devices and replace them with something more kid friendly.  I really like being able to get ready while the kids play, so changing the routine wasn't really a great option.  I don't actually use these things every day, so putting them somewhere slightly less accessible, wasn't a big deal.

It was such a small simple change.  But the difference was huge.  I eliminated an almost daily struggle with my toddler, a danger for the baby, and made 'get ready time' so much better for everyone.  We work hard to set and enforce boundaries with our kids.  There places that are accessible, but not allowed in our house.  Ultimately, I decided that this just couldn't be one of them.  When I'm frantically trying to get ready is not when I'm in my best parenting mode.

So not the most dramatic "before and after" organization picture of all time, but the difference in our morning is aamzing.

One other addition made this area complete. (The dragon that guards where the hairdryer now resides)

I seriously love this thing.  This little device is fantastic.  We have conventional childproof locks on some of our cabinets, but for areas you don't use very often, this is a perfect solution!  No screws, no installation, nothing.  You just pull it on and your done.  The only problem is you have to put it back on every time.  Still, it's great for occasionally used cabinets or traveling.

Do you have a little annoyance that pops up everyday?  Why not take a few minutes to see if there's an easy solution.

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