Thursday, July 2, 2015

Baby, you're a firework!

In honor of the 4th of July, I decided it was time to do some firework crafts!

We love colors and mixing colors lately, and I saw a couple of seemingly easy project on last week's "Toddler Fun Friday's" so I spent nap time getting a few activities ready for the little guys.

First, mixing oil, food coloring and water to make fireworks!

No instructrions really, it's pretty much that simple.

Okay, I admit it, this was way more popular with mommy than the kids.  You can't win them all! 

The night sky fireworks art project, however, was a huge hit!  And I make it an up-cycle project!

The original project suggested coloring a piece of cardstock with crayons, which I did for my trial (I don't do many projects with my kids without at least a small scale test first!!).  Next, paint the entire sheet with black (to reperesnt the night sky, another color would be fine).  I used black mixed with a little blue and white just to be complicated creative.  Finally, using something pointing, scrap through the paint to reveal the colors below.

My problem was that my little artist was way more interested in painting than coloring, let alone coloring the entire sheet solid, which resulted in a lot of coloring for mommy!  

The other slight problem I had was that the tools were scraping off some of the crayon wax (and hence the color).  I looked over and saw a pile of junk mail and had a great idea!

Before and After

Forget coloring!  Way better to use glossy sheets of junk mail!  Bright colors in random patterns and no scribbling for mommy!

We used toothe picks, a straw (his idea) and a cell phone stylus that came with my cell phone case (does anyone use those anymore??)

Overall easy and fun 4th of July projects!

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