Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Green Carpet, Yard Remodel Part 4

One Sunday, we hoped in our car and drove off.  We came home to an emerald carpet in our street!

Before we could install the turf, there were some necessary drain modifications and prep work.

First, topsoil had to come out and base had to go in.  So our driveway was a temporary stockpile for both.

I made some minor modifications to the old grass layoug (including a new treewell for my eventual lemon tree).  I also marked out where I wanted to add drainage.

Trenching for drainage.

Base installation and header board.

Grading and compacting

And finally, it was time to turn it green!
 Turf installation went remarkably quickly.  I took most of my pictures from inside because the kids really wanted to go out and I was trying to stay out of the way.

Hiding sems.

 Placing Infill.

Spreading infill.

By far turf was the quickest and most rewarding part of the project; in one day it went from dust and dirt to green 'grass.'  For the first time in weeks, we could use our yard again!!


  1. Looks great!! So green! Is it fun to play on? I wonder if it would be a good option for Canadian yards and weather...

    1. That's a good question. I remember when I installed turf for a project at work, the company kept talking about how well it would hold up to snow, cold, and rain (they apparently didn't immediately realize I was in southern California) so I know there are products available, not sure how much they would vary from the materials we used, but I would suspect not much.