Monday, June 29, 2015

Cement Mixer's Whirly Song: Yard Remodel Part 3

Now the fun part, concrete!!

I can't provide an accurate measurement of the cubic yards of concrete I've placed in my life, but it's a lot.  Still, I can't help but be excited everytime I see the first concrete truck of a pour pull up. Thanks to "Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site" my oldest son  loves concrete trucks and their 'Whirly Songs" so it was pretty exciting when one, with flames on it no less!, arrived at our house!

I was a little surprised that we were using at 3250 psi mix.  I've poured lots and lots of sidewalk and flatwork in my career and I've pretty much always used a 520-C-2500, but alls well that ends well.  Plus reinforcement, so there's that.

Several neighbors who came by asked me where I was going to put the boys hands and feet.  I rolled my eyes.  I'm a Civil Engineer, we don't randomly bedazzle our concrete (recent crafts excluded, of course).  But then a woman came by and mentioned how her boys were so little when they did their yard and now they're quite grown.  She wishes she'd put a quick stamp just to reflect on...

Many thanks to our very patient finisher for floating, and refloating the area many times while I tried to get decent prints in!

In the end,  I was once again amazed by the ability of a few yards of conrete to completely change a physical space.  Once a muddy pit, now a solid, cleanble usable space.


  1. Hello,
    Nice story on the concrete pour of the yard and sidewalk. We had a similar pour on our house yard and sidewalk. My question for you is which company has those cool red cement trucks with the flames on the white mixer? Our truck was a plain white one. Do you have any other photos of that cement truck? I need some of that particular one for my son's school display. RED TRUCK, WHITE MIXER YELLOW/RED FLAMES...ETC. Your photo is the only one on the online search that i could find.
    thank you

    1. I have a couple. What's your email? Was a pretty cool truck!

    2. hello,
      thanks for the reply. can you post these photos in your blog page?
      thank you...

    3. Hello,
      Also, what was the name of the cement company? Was it in so cal?