Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Co-Op Preschool Week 5 of 8

We hosted the final month of our co-op preschool program.

Our topic was Transportation.

Week 1: Things that go!

For our first week we focused on cars!

As usual, we started off with our snacks and circle time.  For our first activity we made Driver's Licenses!

I really liked this activity.  I cut out the cards and each child sat with their parents and wrote down and talked about their name and address.  Some kids knew their address and some had never heard it before. My son was in the middle, but insisted that I write that he was from Orange County.

After, I laminated the card for the kids to hang on to.

Our next activity was a big muscle activity.  I'd intended to borrow a Stop/Slow paddle from work, but they were all a bit dirty, so I ended up buying one.  We played a modified version of red light, green light.  The kids took turn walking and hoping around and turning the sign from Stop to Slow.  We also talked about the colors and shapes on the sign.

For our last activity we used cars with different types of wheels to paint.  Painting is always a bit hit or miss, but the kids did great.

For our book we read "Little Blue Truck"

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It's a cute story and the kids liked it.

It was a bit crazy as we had also just started construction in our yard (more on that soon!) but it was a great class.

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