Thursday, May 28, 2015

Co-op Preschool Week 4 of 8

We participate in a co-op preschool.  That means each parent theoretically takes a turn hosting.  We were last minute December hosts.

Week 2 we learned about our home

Week 3 we learned about food!

This week, Week 4, we celebrated the holidays!

Our class format was a little bit different because of the holiday.

I chose a few crafts to make, including turning our hand prints from last week into (very heavy and fragile) Christmas ornaments!

To practice letters and our names, we assembled little penquins with our names on them:

To practice our fine motor skills, we put puff craft balls into plastic ornaments.  It was a great activity and the kids loved it.  I wish I had more photos.  It was so fun to see some kids choose to put all one color while others just wanted to stuff every puff they could fit.  I love activities that let the kids express their personalities a bit.

We also have two Jewish families in our group and one of the moms took some time to talk to us about Hanukkah.  We love any activity that includes an element of dress up!

We decided to do a wrapped book exchange and a potluck lunch.  It was a great class, although a little photo light (entertaining 8 preschoolers is hard work!!)


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