Thursday, May 14, 2015

Co-op Preschool Hosting Week 3 of 8

We participate in a co-op preschool.  That means each parent theoretically takes a turn hosting.  We were last minute December hosts.

Week 2 we learned about our home

Week 3 we learned about food!  I was way busier with the kids this week, so I have less photos.

For our snack, the original plan was to use a 'my plate' template for our snack, but I couldn't get them to turn out how I'd hoped, so instead we had a normal snack and talked about the my plate concept.  I grew up in the 'food pyramid' generation so the my plate idea was new to me.  If it's new to you too, here's a picture:

I know it sounds a little advance for 2 year olds, and it probably is, but I am constantly amazed at how much they pick up, so I prefer to stick with giving them too much information instead of not enough.

To keep with our theme for December of volunteering/helping our community and in keeping with our theme for the week, we did a small can food drive.  We talked about sharing food with our neighbors who don't have enough to eat.  We asked each child to come up to the front and tell their friends what kind of food they brought.  Introduction to public speaking!  

For our next activity we made salt dough.  I premeasured the salt, flour and water and had them in cups.  The kids took turn dumping the cups into the bowl and stiring.  I am amazed at how well the kids cooperate and share, especially when they are doing a new activity.  Afterwards, we made hand prints for next week's activity!

I picked up the hats from our favorite California Burger Place!  My son loves wearing hats so I thought it would be fun for the kids, plus how adorable!

For out next activity, we threaded fruit loops onto pipe cleaners.  This activity was really popular, but some kids REALLY loved it.  We did fruit loops in case some of the kids wanted to work on some patterns.  This was an easy activity that everyone loved.  Even those who weren't realy into the threading part liked the snack part!

It was a good example of how our co-op was intended to work.  Several mom commented on how simple and fun the activity was and those whose children really loved it had a new easy activity to continue at home.

For our book, we choose "Don't Spill the Milk."

It didn't fit with our theme exactly  but it was a cute story that at least had to do with food.  We also did a circle time activity where we walked, jumped, and crawled to the beat. Overall, it was a great class!

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