Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Co-Op Preschool: Hosting Week 1 of 8

We participate in a co-op preschool in our neighborhood.  Every month, we rotate houses and take turns coming up with activities and learning projects for our 2 year olds.

We hosted in December and in May it's our turn again!!

In December, we ended up hosting last minute, but I felt like we put together some really awesome activites for our group.

Our theme for December got a bit jumbled due to the last minute change, but this was the general outline:

Week 1: Field Trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano

Week 2: My Home

Week 3: Sharing and Meals

Week 4: Holiday Celebration

Week 1: Field Trip to San Juan Capistrano.

Field trips are the 'easy' week as far as planning goes.  I thought the Mission would be a great place to take the kids, there is so much history there and it is in our backyards.  Although our kids are pretty young to understand really anything about the mission, I still think there is tremendous value in exposing kids (and parents!) to local historic sites.

I think the kids around here study the Mission in 4th grade, so we've given our little guys a bit of a head start! ;)  Besides, my kids thrive being outside and there are fish, and dirt and rocks at the very least!

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