Thursday, April 30, 2015

One, or ten, projects at a time....

This week it really hit home why this challenge is called ONE project at a time.

Also, why I'm typically so meticulous with my planning.  I AM a Civil Engineer, after all.

Unfortunately, I'm also a frazzled mom.  That means that like it or not, my first job is to put out the fires.

The yard is a fire, sort of, and I'm excited to post more on that (and how it's NOT going exactly as planned), but in the meantime, I'm frantically turning my laundryroom into a temporary retirement home for my curmudgeonly old cat.

I just keep reminding myself that life is a marathon not a sprint....

In the spirit of the challenge, I will not post next week as everyone finishes up, but I'm cheering for you all from here!

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