Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Room Challenge: The Boys Bathroom.

My boys are not yet one and almost two and a half and I'm already terrified of what will eventualy become of the Jack and Jill bathroom between their bedrooms.  I have nighmares about the messes and smells associated with teenaged boys and a room accessible only via their bedrooms.  I've warned by husband that I might just abandon the room altogether someday...

But thankfully, that day isn't today!  To date, the boys bathroom is the least utilized room in our house.  For years, before children, it say completed unused, except to be cleaned.

But with one child approaching potty training, things are changing rapidly for this space!

I decided to tackle this room because it doesn't need any great overall, and joining this challenge was a last minute decision.  I think with a little bit of time and energy, I can give this room a little bit of freshing and address some of it's recently added uses.

My primary goal for this room is to make it easier to use for little people: step stools, child accessible towel racks, toy storage, etc.

Week 1: Finalize Plan, Choose Colors, Choose Paint and Theme

Week 2:  Complete Paint, Address Mirrors, Choose Curtain and Towels

Week 3:  Chose and purchase stools, hooks & Decor

Week 4: Complete Step Stools, additions, and address organization

Week 5: Completion!

In the meantime, I'm hoping the challenge will keep me moving along and I can steal borrow lots of great ideas from the other participants on Calling it Home!

The biggest challenge I anticipate in this room is time.  Because it's located between my kids rooms, my prime 'project time' (naps and after bedtime) won't work very well.

My current challenge is that my camera lens broke!  I'm currently shooting with a fixed 50 mm lens, so I apologize for the photos as I get used to it and decide what to do about the broken lens.


  1. Good luck! I will be making over my kids' bathroom as well:-)

  2. Hey there! Found you through the ORC... civilized research scientist over here, my blog is at Good luck with your bathroom!