Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 2

I decided to tackle the boys bathroom as part of the One Room Challenge.

This week, my original rough goals were to finalize my plan and schedule, and choose colors, paint and theme.  You can see what others are doing here.

At the beginning of the week, I finalized my project schedule and and Goals and created a To-Do list
  1. Choose Theme
  2. Choose Colors
  3. Match/ Choose Trim paint
  4. Buy Paint
  5. Finalize Project List
  6. Outline Project Task Lists

When I chose the boy's bathroom, I already had one very small detail chosen.  I'd picked up a cute wall decal at the store a while ago that I wanted to hang in the room.  I liked the colors and it complimented both boys rooms.  I thought the phrase was adorable.

What more could a mother of boys wish for??
What else could a mother of boys wish for??

I decided I'd roughly base my plan on these colors.  I took a last minute trip to Target to pick up Easter baskets (that bunny is a slacker).  While I was there, I wandered through the kids bathroom department and feel in love with a curtain.  It didn't match my colors exactly, but I decided to give it a try.  My wall color will be neutral, and finding a new curtain won't be a major setback if I dislike it later.  So, for now, chevrons ins blues, greens, grey, and some highlight colors it is!


We've been trying to decide on paint colors for lots of spaces in our home.  I love the cool greys, but my whole house is warm browns, so it's challenging.  I decided to pick up a sample of a paint we still have up for debate in our bedroom: Revere Pewter.  This room might be a good chance to explore the color before making a bigger commitment!  I also decided I'm going to try some matte/gloss stripes, so I spent some time this week experimenting with that.  Not sure I'm brave enough to do stripes and chevrons, although I saw some great examples of it.


I didn't buy trim paint yet, but I intend to paint next week, so it's on the list!

Finalize/Outline Project Task Lists:

I did finalize my project list as well as creating a list of sub tasks for each.  I won't bore you with the details (yet)
  • Make Bathroom accessible and easy to use for the boys
  • Paint
  • Frame Mirror
  • Finish Stools
  • Create Canvas
  • Organize/kid proof bathroom cabinets
As a bonus, I got ahead!  I had purchased a few towels at Target and instead of outlining one of my projects, I decided to jump right in with it!

I'm exciting about how they came out and it was nice to jump in and actually finish something in the middle of doing mostly planning.  


  1. Such fun colors! Love the progress!

  2. Hmmm... not sure my comment went through, so sorry if this is a repeat.
    Love the colors and those decals are super cute. Looks like you're making good progress!

  3. Oh, what great, cheery colors for a kids bathroom! I can't wait to see how everything turns out.

  4. Great progress!!! Love the colors! We have the same problem with paint colors in our much brown! We ended up using Martha Stewart Sandpiper in about every room and we love it! It can lean beige or gray depending on what surrounds it.

  5. The wall decal is really adorable as are the colors! And great job with the towel project, it IS so nice to FINISH something, makes it easier to keep moving forward!

  6. Love the colors you picked. We used similar hooded towels when my children were little. Yours are so cute!

  7. Gah! I just had our whole main level painted in Revere Pewter and LOVE, LOVE it. Love the rest of the fun colors you're going with. I love kid's spaces!

  8. Just realized I said love about a thousands times! Forgive me it's like wayyyyy past my bedtime. LOL!

  9. Looks like it will be so fun with all the color! Can't wait!

  10. Hi Amy, had to swing by here again to thank you for the warning on the Ikea toad stools! It wouldn't let me directly respond to your comment but I appreciate it. I was debating on if I wanted to add another chair to the kid's table and now I think I'll pass. Thanks!

  11. i am total neutral addict but kids bathrooms are made for the color scheme you are going with...can't wait to see more!

  12. Love the color scheme and the quote ... perfect!