Friday, February 12, 2016

Planning is Everything

I'm planning a presentation for my MOPS group about the value of a family meeting.  While brainstorming my opening, I referenced a list of quotes I keep in my notebook and found this one.

To me this is such an apt quote for parenting.  Sometimes I get frustrated.  It is rare that my plans play out as expected, especially with my children. Whether its my meal plan, our vacation plans, or even just my plan for what I'm going to get done for the day, something will come up (or down) or from the side and knock me off my route.

So my plans are (often) useless.  But I whole heartedly agree, planning is everything.  Planning, the time spent getting organized, thinking about what needs to get done and setting up deadlines and goals, is critical.  It allows me to make the best decisions for my family when the unexpected happens.  It gives me the skills I need to balance opposing needs, reset priorities and make new plans.

Flexibility is so critical with little ones, but if anyone else is struggling to find purpose in preparing plans that never seem to execute as designed, I hope this quote brings you some peace, too.

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