Monday, September 14, 2015

Co Op Preschool: Circle Time Board

One of the ideas we had to help organize our preschool circle time was a circle timeboard.  Since our preschool moves from house to house, we needed something easy to move and easy to use.

As I said, the main purpose of the board is to provide structure and familiarity to our circle time and it's done a great job of doing that.  During our first year we brain stormed what to include, and in the end our board looked like this:

Our board had the following sections:

1. The Alphabet
2. Number of the day
3. Month
4. Day of the week
5. Weather Wheel
6. Agenda
7. Birthdays

Our Circle board woked out really well last year.  One of our moms created it on a three section card board display board (like this one) It traveled dutifully from house to house, but by the end of class, it was looking a bit worse for wear.

So before we started up again this year, it was time for an update!

We never used the alphabet and the J and W had gone missing, so unfortunately our letters had to go.  Rather than replacing them, I thought it would be nice to have our name on the board.

We always meet on the same day of the week, and we didn't really focus on dates/months, so those sections didn't stay.  I added an erasable section for letter of the day and number of the day.  (I used my new laminator!).  I also laminated a sheet of paper to use as our "Agenda".

The weather wheel wa a huge hit, so I laminated the arrows that were kind of suffering and left it intact.  Living in beautiful Southern Califoria the wather is pretty much always sunny and warm/hot, but the kids love looking out the window and talking about the weather.  Whenever my son plays school (which he does pretty constantly when the preschool supplies are at our house!) the first thing he talks about is the weather.  It's pretty cute.

I love having a focal point for class.  I can see this idea being able to grow if we did decide to homeschool our kids.  In the meantime, it's a great way to have a consistant start to class while giving each parent room to be creative with their classes.

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