Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Co-op Preschool: My body and clothes

We had a fantastic class today!

Arrival Free Play:  Having a few activities seems to help focus the group and it certainly makes clean up much easier for us when we are hosting.  Today we had trucks, coloring and play dough.

Snack Time:

Circle Time:  We are working to extend our circle time as our kids have a slightly longer attention span.


Book: Have You Seen by New Blue Socks?  This was a cute story with a nice rhythm to it.  It's amazing to listen to the kids answer questions about the book or relate it to their lives.  Our preschoolers are growing up!

Next, we played a fun game of "I Spy" where we identified different articles of clothing our friends were wearing.

We played head shoulders knees and toes.

Then we had an opportunity to practice our public speaking!  We did a show and tell with a favorite article of clothing!  Mr. Griffin asked each child what color their item was and where they put it on their body.

Activity 1: Paper Dolls.  This was a fun activity and for some of our kids is was their first time using scissors!  We colored our dolls and then cut them out (with help).  Finally we glued their clothes onto them.

Activity 2: Felt Man This was a great activity for practicing taking turns and cooperation.  We also talked about where each body part went.  When we were done putting it up, we took it back down again.

Shaving Cream sensory activity and drawing.  This is an activity I remember from early grade school and I thought the kids would love it.  I wanted to do it last year, but I was still worried our kids would eat it (one of our siblings still tried!)  It was a fun way to explore a new material and our tables are very clean now!

Closing Circle Time.

We had a great class!  Our hosting is over for the year, but I'm excited to see what our friends have to share with us in the coming months.

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