Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I read "the book" and here's my review.

Bedtime was getting bad.  It was mostly the big boy bed transition, but mommy was getting desperate when my neighbor mentioned a book that was supposed to get your kids to fall asleep...
The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep: A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep by Carl-Johan Foressen Ehrlin.

Apparently the book has caused quite a stir,but my decision to try it was simple.  We like books. I need sleep.  It wasn't expensive.

If you ever done any type of self hypnosis or guided meditation, nothing about the book will surprise you.  It's basically a guided meditation into sleep with a loose storyline about a Rabbit who wants to fall asleep.  You do have to kind of get over the weirdness of reading it, but since I am willing to make up songs and dances to get my kids dressed instead of arguing, I didn't really struggle with this.

Some aspects of the book were confusing and distracting to my 2 year old.  "Wait, I'm in the book?  Why am I with the rabbit?  Where is he, I don't see him here!"  I just gave him short, calm answers and kept reading.  I had to stop a few times to remind him that he had to stay laying comfortably in his bed. (I think I said it a few too many times since now he always tells me that he's laying 'comforably in his bed' whenever he lies down.

The first time I read it to my son, he had to pull out all of the stops to stay awake for the entire book and he crashed when I finished.  I've read it twice since and both times he feel asleep before the book ended.  It's nothing something I'd want to do every day (it's long and boring and frankly, I prefer to read him other books, most of the time!) but it's a great resource.  I'm hoping it will help with the upcoming paci transition!

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