Saturday, September 12, 2015

Little Ladera Learners: My Family!

This was our second week.  Overall, I'd say it was much smoother and calmer than the first week.

Arrival: In an effort to contain chaos, we limited arrival activities to blocks, playdoh and trucks.

Snack:  String Cheese and Dried Peas

Circle Time: Mr. Gavin talked about our last names, our families, and read us a book called "Just like my dad"

Activity 1: Coloring my family name (last name):

Activity 2: Revisiting the Letter Board
Unforutnatley, it was a bit too hot, although participation was much better!

Activity 3: My family tree

The kids pasted the tree onto paper and the parents helped them draw leaves with the members of their families on them.  Some kids colored the people in their family, as well!

Closing Circle.

Overall a successful class, although we ended a bit ahead of schedule, so I may tried a 4th activity next week.

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