Thursday, October 1, 2015

Co op Preschool: 1st Field trip We Play Loud!

The conclusion of our "All about me" month of Co-op preschool was a field trip to a local indoor playground, "We Play Loud!"

The staff was great about coordinating with me and even gave me the option to book a field trip through their site. Afer I considered needing to to pay in advance, coordinate students, parents and siblings, and plan a lesson compelling enough to convince the kids to stop playing for a bit it seemed easier to just meet instead

I like this venue.  It's on the expensive side, but it's immaculately clean, safe, and age appropriate for our kids.   

It's been a good month!  We learned about our our names, our families, our friends, and our bodies.  We practiced sitting and eating together, taking turns, listening during circle time, recognizing letters, picking up and holding pencils, writing our names, cutting, gluing, painting, threading and cooperating. We explored new materials and for some, new foods.  Being our first month, we had some adjustments and settling in, but over all I think it was really successful and I'm excited to see the unique perspective that each host brings to class! 

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